BLCK + BLND™️ | BLACK + BLONDE™️ An initiative and resource created by Marlene Boyette & Erin Anderson, founded in Boston. Using their combined backgrounds in the fields education, youth / family counseling and as certified and registered yoga instructors (on specializing in trauma informed yoga*), both curate programming with an approach that is centered around wellness and healing issues from the inside, out. Our Mission: BLCK + BLND ™️ is a professional, educational and supportive resource, intended to create awareness of the disparities and imbalances that exist within wellness spaces, as well as professional and educational environments between White people and Black people / people of color We aim to hold space and facilitate workshops and conversations that will allow participants to unpack existing issues within these spaces and move towards action plans that will increase accessibility, inclusion and equitable experiences for people of color, while educating all participants on the value and importance of these actions. Instagram: @blck.and.blnd @marleneboyette + @erinkayanderson Twitter: @blckandblnd In Partnership with Reevx Labs™️
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